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Who doesn't like gummies, it’s even fun to say, G-U-M-M-I-E-S. It rhymes with lots of fun words like mommies, tummies and bummies. But seriously though, they’re just easier to get down and we can infuse them with a great taste. Have you seen the size of some of those vitamin pills? You could choke a horse with them, which I guess is handy if you have a horse you want to choke (just kidding, we love horses). I’ll bet even horses would love our gummies.

Most gummies on the market are made of gelatin (animal origin), and in case you didn't know it that means you could be eating pig's feet, fish eyeballs and chicken lips. Yuck! Senzo is a responsible company and completely transparent when it comes to our ingredients. We use pectin in our manufacturing , and pectin comes from all natural fruit seeds and citrus peels. We are the pectin people pleasers.

Rise up, “free the glutens”. We must get out from under the tyranny of the evil wheat lord. We make our products gluten-free, because we can and because it might be better for you. Senso is a forward thinking company that is sensitive to all health needs. We test all our ingredients so that we can proudly display a gluten free logo on all our bottles.

We think there is something more visually appealing about taking brightly coloured gummies? It’s like swallowing a little ray of sunshine or a multicolored rainbow while riding a unicorn. We only use natural pigments extracted from fruits, vegetables and herbs to color our gummies. No fake dyes here, save those for your “do”.

Cool, dry, room temperature and out of the sunlight might sound like Dracula’s bachelor pad but it’s also just the best way to store our gummies. Soft gels will melt upon exposure to temperatures above 27 degrees C or 80 degrees F. We always want to taste and look out best, so look after us … and we’ll look after you.

Yes, you can put them in your recycling bin but you might want to also think about these other creative reuses for our bottles. Great for storing: Nail or hair clippings, belly button fluff and pins. *Any resemblance to a voodoo kit is coincidental…. or is it?

Dietary supplements are regulated by Health Canada. Senzo complies with Canadian laws and regulations, including current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements. Pure and simple, we are the vitamin company that you’d be proud to bring home to meet your parents for Sunday dinner.

No one wants to talk to you if you have a big green wedge of gummy stuck in your front teeth, unless they’re into some weird stuff. In that case go for it. We recommend people brush their teeth after consuming our gummies, just like you should for any other food. If you have any specific concerns, we recommend consulting with your dentist.

Yes, absolutely, in fact be suspicious of any similar product that doesn’t have an expiration date, it probably means you’re eating plastic. We want you to enjoy our gummies when they taste their best and are most potent. You’ll find the date printed on the bottom of the bottle along with the lot code.

If you think your child took too many vitamins, call your local Poison Center or your medical health care provider right away. Please have the product bottle handy in order to provide the ingredients and amount of each ingredient. They will also ask how many pieces you think your child consumed. * Gummies are easily mistaken as candy by kids, so please keep them out of reach of children.

Because we use natural colors, they can change over time, but it does not alter the potency of the product. If you have any safety concerns, please contact our customer care team for help.

Please read and follow the instructions on the product label carefully, as some of our products do contain warnings regarding usage if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re still unsure, please consult a healthcare practitioner.

Yes! SENZO Vitamins were formulated to be used in conjunction with other SENZO Vitamins products. Please read and follow the instructions on the product label carefully, as some of our products do contain warnings regarding usage if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re still unsure, please consult a healthcare practitioner.

All our products are made in the country that brought you hockey, maple syrup and the words double-double (Tim Horton’s in case you didn’t know) Yup, you don’t get more Canadian than Senzo, eh!

In addition to being available at, you can also shop for SENZO in real life at our exclusive partner, Jean coutu, Uniprix and Brunet. Use our find a store section to know where our products are available.

Yes! On all orders shipping is totally free.

We have a serious love for our customers. Thanks for your order! You will receive a confirmation email shortly with all the details you need, including a list of products you purchased. Orders are processed within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Orders placed after 1 pm PDT may be processed the following day. Once your order ships, we will email you a shipping notification with your tracking number. Your order will arrive in 2-5 business days after it’s processed.

We ship to anyone with a valid postal address in Canada.

SENZO’s headquarters are located on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We love the products we’ve made, and we think you will too. If, after trying them, you find that you’re unhappy for any reason, just let us know so that we can help you return your products within 30 days of ordering for a full refund. This policy is only applicable for products purchased from us directly at If you purchased from a different retailer, please refer to their return/refund policy.

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at … or are they? Senzo takes them seriously but since we do not have a certificate of potential cross-contamination we can’t guarantee they are allergy free. That means we can’t recommend you take them but check with your healthcare provide to be sure.

Congratulations if you have a little breast-feeding rug rat or one on the way but you need to be aware of Health Canada’s recommendations for the following. If using Royal Immunity or Stress, consult a healthcare practitioner first, it’s as simple as that. Our product “Sleep”, on the other hand, is definitely on the “no fly” list. That’s right, we understand how much you may be tempted given your long nights of breast-feeding, snot wiping and diaper changing but you decided to have this little bundle of joy so you’ll have to live with the consequences for a while. It will all be worth it of course one day, that’s what people say anyway. Those people never usually had kids. So again, just to be clear, “sleep” is contraindicated, can’t have it, nope, no way Jose. We do have a however a prenatal vitamin that is perfect for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. You can check it out here. Who knows you may be featured on a Netflix special about super moms.

Here’s the thing about Melatonin found in our sleep product. It’s for adults, not kids. And it’s only for you once you’re through breast-feeding and not pregnant (Health Canada). We know a good nights sleep is right up there on your list with winning the lottery or audience tickets to Ellen’s 12 days of Christmas Giveaways but you’re just going to have to wait … and it will all be worth it.

First thing is the morning is good for taking vitamins. Either before or after your morning run is fine. Who said we don’t have a sense of humour, we know you’re not running, but if you are, good for you. The “Sleep” product is taken at night before you go to bed, duh! Unless however you prefer to sleep at work, but that’s not our recommendation.

Sure you can but don’t expect some type of super fuel, our vitamins don’t contain caffeine. We do however help you convert fats and carbohydrates into energy so you will experience a constant source of liveliness throughout the day. People may be thinking you’re on “the juice” but you’ll know the truth.

All Senzo vitamins can be combined and taken together in the morning (except “Sleep”). It’s sort of like the breakfast of champions, wait --that’s taken. How about , It’s the healthy start to a new day.

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