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You’re probably expecting a short story about how we came to be and what our purpose is. Something like our wisdoms were inspired by hearty Vikings and handed down through generations of elders or some other such caca. Nope, nada, no way, we’re not that kind of company.

We’re young-youngish, reasonably hip (well some of us anyway) and inspired by science. Sometimes we go to work with a pop tart in hand, we raise our families the best we can, and we’re constantly contemplating renting verses owning.
So in that sense we’re very much like you the customers we service. And, one more thing we all have in common. We know our performance and health is directly tied-in to how we fuel our bodies each and every day. It’s not easy and it’s very often not convenient, so we found the solution to that. Senzo Gummies

Senzo’s parent company has been in the vitamin and health business since 2002, creating and distributing new products of all kinds.

Always listening to our customers’ requests, we respond to the specific needs of our clientele in all levels of the retail market such as drugstores, chain stores, big box retailers, grocery stores and specialized boutiques.


We want to live long and healthy lives so that some day we can become a burden to our children. Not a health burden, we just want to remind them, from our basement apartment in their house, that they wouldn’t be on this planet without us.
But seriously our though, our mission is to improve consumers’ quality of life by offering them unique interesting quality products with exceptional pricing.

Senzo Gummies were born from this mission and they are now sold online and in pharmacies throughout Canada and the US

Our gummies are yummy and fun to eat. Nutritious and healthy they’re hard to beat

Okay, so that’s not really our corporate mantra per se, but it rhymed and on Taco Tuesdays it kills here at the office.

The Corporate Version would go something like this: We find the best ingredients and combine them in an ultimate flavorful blend for quality and effectiveness.

* But you’ll be singing the Taco Tuesday version, you’ll see

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If Senzo had been tasked with inventing ways to benefit the health of humankind the formula would go something like this.

Find experts in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, innovation and flavor

Find dreamers and passionate, creative business people

Then toss them all into an atom combobulator and make sure what comes out the other end is chewable, tasty, nutritious and fun to eat.

Short of actually atomizing this group, that is our Senzo team and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Our Scientists don’t know the meaning of impossible, problematic or really hard;

which is odd because these are smart people with degrees and stuff.

They work around the clock with our extensive network of industry contacts to find and create new products that are innovative and improve our customers’ quality of life.

But what they do know is that human nutritional awareness and practice is at an all time low and our performance and health is suffering and will continue to do so in the future.